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My not so little problem Ch.3
last line of Ch. 2 "Can we go now?" Asked Shadow Blaze
CH. 3
"Calm your self!" I snapped at him after he asked for the 7th time "We need to bring some more ponies because strength in numbers." I told him. "Brine but I know exactly who your gonna bring!.!.!." He sang "So do I" I said sarcastically. He pouted and I walked. "So I'm gonna Bring Nike,Card Shuffle,and Amber!" I mumbled to my self. We walked about 2 mins. Then we came across the house of my show pony friend,Nike. I wasn't so surprised when we knocked she said "The amazing Night Strike will be with you-" I cut her off by saying "Nike it's only Cloudy and we need to talk to you,it's urgent!" I yelled through her wooden door. "Uhh one moment. She said. She finally answered and she had her hair had been done differently "What were you doing?" I chuckled "Im testing to see what to do for my next show." She informed me. "We'll how would you like to save lives? It could help your image..." I told her about the mountain ponies and sh
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#So Frustrated I could scream
#So Frustrated I could scream
I wrote the entire 3rd chapter then it got deleted! I gotta rewrite it once I finish HW
:iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 0 2
My not so little problem Ch. 2
"I better get Gingersnap, she'll wanna come with me,after all she is the bravest pony I know." I muttered to myself while packing. "Hmm should I pack my Map?" I asked Bluberry,My neat freak friend who couldn't come because she was weak and helpless and also because she didnt want to come with the fear of getting dirty. "Yes,unless you envy getting lost!" She said. I rolled my eyes and crammed it into my bag,taking up the last of my room. "Goodbye!" I waved and closed the door. I went to find Gingersnap.
The suns rays warmed my back as I hummed and walked toward the Creamy yellow ponies house. "GINGERSNAP CAN YOU PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" I yelled as I knocked for the fourth time. "Coming!" She yelled back and opened the door "where you going?" She asked "I am going to the mountains to stop the dragon. He is killing and taking ponies." I told her and added"I could use your strength and courage."  "Are you kidding? Of course I'm going!" She said "Butlet me pack......" She
:iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 1 11
My not so little problem Ch. 1
/Flashback- "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" I yell at the Stallion who had just hurt Celestia ,A bloody knife in his hoofing a slit in her flank. The rise and fall of her chest told me she was alive. "She has had power for far to long!" He roared. Out of pure fury I charged at him,hitting him and knocking him unconscious by kicking him in the muzzle. "CELESTIA!?" I yelled as her eyes hadn't opened "HELP,SOMEONE HELP!" I screamed and lifted her best I could and carried her through the hall. "GAURDS!" I called and sighed in relief when I was escorted by a unicorn used his magic and called a few others. Thes put me to sleep with a needle. My vision wavered and I fell to the floor
I woke,no telling what time it was or how long I'd been out. Suddenly I tried to move but I couldn't. I saw  a stallion gaurd come at me "YOU HAVE HURT CELESTIA AND YOU MUST DIE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!" He spoke loudly. "Stop thi
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Gingersnap and Skylar by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Gingersnap and Skylar :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 2 19 Inside: Torn up by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Inside: Torn up :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 1 49 Request OCs singing by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Request OCs singing :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 1 34 Rarity..... I'm Just Kidding now have a good day by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Rarity..... I'm Just Kidding now have a good day :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 0 3 Want one by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Want one :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 0 0 Cloudy Skies:Cutie Mark by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Cloudy Skies:Cutie Mark :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 0 0 Our OC ponies flying lessons by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Our OC ponies flying lessons :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 0 28 Cloudy Skies, Full profile by Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 Cloudy Skies, Full profile :iconcloudy-skies-da-pon3:Cloudy-Skies-Da-Pon3 2 84


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Shadow Blaze (Me)
Night Strike (Nike)
Card Shuffle
And Amber. No more mane characters now if you want to be in it you will have small speaking lines and will be a Mt. pony
I'm making my own mane 6


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